For companies large and small, the role of a Human Resource Executive may involve many different tasks while managing contract. The most important part of managing contracts at Fortune 500+ companies is not what you know about them—it’s what you don’t know that can cost you


The most time consuming tasks when they have to deal with Contractor information, the record of contract keeping manually, resulting in lack of real-time information, no transparency between company & contractor records, billing and authentic data is not assured from manual records. Legal & Statutory needs are not covered in the existing system/process.


By introducing an automated Contract Labor Management System, you can lower costs while giving your HR team the time to work on more productive tasks.


Advanced, fully automated Contract Labor Management Software overseeing end to-end CLM process. It is specifically designed for medium & large organizations helping them manage all their worker management processes. CLMS covers workforce planning, enrollment, e-pass, attendance, access control & billing summary.



With Advance Contract Labor Management Software all of your contractor’s data, files and correspondence are centrally stored, making the filing and retrieving of vital information quick and easy to manage, and reducing the risk of error. The stored information can be used to run reports on past and present data, such as training and development requirements.


Make your Human Resource Management department more efficient.

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