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Why emWorkForce?

Our customers use emWorkforce to bring information of their resources from multiple locations in a centralized system, to automate day to day HR Process and manage compliance with ease.

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Extensive Modules for Global Workforce

Employee Management System

Single module to maintain all employee information, documents and track training & work history.

Time & Attendance

Auto attendance management integrated with 3rd party devices. Enabled with Geo Fencing, GPS Location tracking Mobile App. End to End Shift, OT and Weekly Off management.

Payroll Management

End to end payroll module from Salary computation, reconciliation to processing after arrears, claims and loans calculation, to payslip generation.

Fool proof PF, ESIc, PT, TDS compliance management.

ESS Portal and Mobile

Self-service module for employees to check everything that matters Attendance, Leave, Tax Declaration, Reimbursement, Loans, Leave applications, Comp Off and approvals accessible both on Android and iOS.

Leave Management System

Custom workflows to manage all type of leaves, PL, SL, Maternity and Paternity leaves with alert based approval system, trackable via handheld devices.

User Access and Rights

Define users, groups, provide access and get audit trails. Set conditional, parallel workflows up to 4 levels to keep tab of various applications and approval processes.

Workflow Engine and Alerts

Define different email and SMS alert for different workflows. Configure workflows for users and user groups with ease.

MIS Reports and Compliance

Required MIS data and reports on your fingertips. 100+ Compliance reports covered. Configure various compliance points. Readily available state and central compliance reports.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Biometric attendance is a system that uses unique physical or behavioral characteristics of individuals, such as fingerprints or facial recognition, to record attendance. It works by capturing biometric data during enrollment and comparing it to data collected during attendance marking to verify the identity of an individual.

An Employee Management System is a software solution that helps organizations manage various aspects of their workforce, including attendance, payroll, performance evaluations, and employee records. Typical features include time and attendance tracking, HR analytics, and employee self-service portals.

An Attendance Management System is a software solution designed to track and manage employee attendance. Organizations use it to automate attendance tracking, reduce errors, and improve overall efficiency in managing employee attendance records.

A Leave Management System is a software tool that helps organizations manage employee leave requests, track accrued time off, and ensure compliance with leave policies. It's essential for maintaining a structured and fair leave process.

Yes, Emsphere offers comprehensive and cutting-edge solutions for Biometric Attendance, Employee Management, Attendance Management, and Leave Management. Their systems are designed to streamline workforce management processes, enhance accuracy, and improve overall efficiency.