Workforce Management System
Features of Workforce Management System Software - Emsphere

Salient Features

  • Solution Available On Premise as well as On Cloud
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Multi-location support.
  • Multi-tier security provides authorization and control at various stages.
  • Configurable work flows & policies.
  • Employee self-Service Portal.
  • Mobile App (Android & iOS)
  • Excel/PDF reports, Graphical reports & Dash boards.
  • Organization Chart Upto 5 Level
  • User Access & Employee Hierarchy Management
  • Interface with any ERP System (add-on)
  • Export/import facilities available
  • Label Rename as per Org. Nomenclature

Employee Information Management

  • Employee general Information.
  • Official Details – Deployment
  • Qualification details.
  • Address Details.
  • Family Members details
  • Experience & Skill details
  • On Site history
  • Sabbatical Details
  • Training history
  • Promotion & rating History
  • Employee Document Management
  • Employee History Management
Employee Information Management with Emsphere workforce management software.
Emsphere - Time Attendance Management System records the employee attendance data, leave management, shift management, overtime management, holidays, etc.

Time Attendance Management

  • Attendance Management
    • Integration with Any 3rd Party Access Control / Biometric Devices
    • Geo- Fencing
    • Attendance Marking from Mobile App with GPS Location tracking
  • Shift Management
    • Shift Creation – Default, Flexi, Core, Day Cross/ Night Shift, Break Shift
    • Shift Allocation – Assign to Individual, Rotation Pattern Allocation or Auto shift Allocation
  • Overtime Management
    • OT Calculation as per Shift Duration / IN-OUT Time / Hourly calculation
    • Separate Policy for Holiday / National Holidays / Weekly Off
    • OT limit Exceeded – Restrict /  Warning to approval authority
  • Attendance Regularization
  • Out-Duty Management- In Day /  In Hourly
  • Weekly Off Management
  • Holiday – Location wise Optional Holidays

Leave & Comp-off Management

  • Leave  Management
    • Policy Configuration – PL, SL, Maternity / Paternity  Leave  etc
    • Customized Approval Workflow for each Leave type
    • Mail Alerts & Approval/ Rejection from Mail
    • Reminders to Manager for no Actions / Auto Sectioning of Leave
    • Proxy leave application by Manager on Behalf of Employee
    • Leave Transaction details
  • Comp – off  Management
    • Policy Configuration – Half / Full Day Comp-Off generation
    • Approval for Comp-off generation
    • Application for Comp-off through ESS Portal by Employee
    • Mail Alerts & Approval/ Rejection from Mail
    • Comp-Off Transaction details
Monitor and Manage employee Leave & Comp-off with Emsphere workforce management software.
Emsphere Payroll Management Software helps to calculate and process employee payments, generating tax forms, and facilitating administration.

Payroll Management

  • Salary Calculation
  • Salary Computation
  • Monthly Reconciliation
  • Salary Processing
    • Arrears Calculations
    • Reimbursement & Claims
    • Loans and Advances
    • Bank Advices
  • Pay slip Generation
  • Statutory Compliances Management
    • Provident Fund (PF)
    • Employee State Insurance Contribution (ESIc)
    • Professional tax (PT)
  • TDS
    • Form 16 (Part A & B)
    • Other Earning

ESS Portal & Mobile Access

  • Employee Self Service (ESS) Portal
  • Attendance Details
  • Leave Details
  • Salary Details
  • Tax Investment Declaration
  • Reimbursement
  • Loans
  • Applications for Leave, Comp-Off , Out Duty (In Days / In Hours)
  • Update – Address Change / Qualification / Experience/ PAN / Aadhar & Personal Details
  • Reports & Dashboard
  • Manager can see Subordinates details & Approval / Reject Applications
  • Mobile App available on Android and IOS
  • Support All feature of ESS except Update information
ESS Portal & Mobile Access
User Access, Approval Workflow & Alerts Management

User Access, Approval Workflow & Alerts Management

  • User Access Management
    • User Group Creation
    • User wise Access Definition
    • Audit Trail
  • Email Alerts
    • On Application Submission & On Approval / Rejection by manger
    • Overtime Alerts to respective Managers
    • Daily / Weekly/ Monthly Status update
  • Workflow Management
    • Configurable Workflow Approval upto 4 level
    • Conditional Approval
    • Parallel Approval
    • Different Workflow for Different Applications – Leave (PL, SL, Maternity Leave etc ), Comp-Off etc
    • Overtime Approvals by Department Head, Plant Head, Corporate HR or any other employee

emSphere – Mobile App

  • Fully functional employee ESS mobile application on the go.
  • Available on both Android we well as on IOS platforms
  • Attendance capturing with GPS location and photo, remarks options
  • Managers can get updates on real time for their team members
  • Depending upon the user roles & privileges provided, employees can
    • View their attendance status & statistics
    • Applications & Approvals for Leave, Regularizations, Out duty, Comp-off etc.
    • Get notifications on various events
    • Download their Salary slips
emSphere – Mobile App
emSphere system is updated timely with all the legal and statutory compliances

MIS and Statutory reports

  • emSphere system is updated timely with all the legal and statutory compliances
  • Awesome dashboards and Report writer feature insures availability of all required MIS data at fingertips
  • Dedicated compliance reporting section with 100+ compliance reports covered for all states.
  • All the Central and State wise compliance report formats including Attendance muster, Leave registers , Leave with wages etc. are readily available in the system
  • Important compliance points for continuous presenteesim, Overtime hours for month and quarter, blacklisting etc are readily configurable in the system

Workflow Engine and Email Alerts

  • Easily define fully configurable workflows with 4 levels
  • Define separate workflows for separate functions like requisition, candidate selection, Leave types, employee data, clearance etc
  • User groups and user access configurations to set the access privileges for users as well as creating custom users
  • Key email alerts include notifications, approvals and reports via email module of HRMS
  • Fully Configurable email alert formats with subject, body, template etc using HTML with configurable frequency and settings
  • Email alerts are easy to configure using the SMTP details of the mail server
  • Add-on SMS alerts module is also available in addition to standard mail alert formats
Workflow Engine and Email Alerts


Dashboard of Workforce Management Software - Emsphere
Dashboard of emWorkforce management software - Emsphere
Dashboard of Employee Time Tracking Software - Emsphere
Dashboard of Employ Leave and Attendance Management System - Emsphere
Dashboard of emWorkforce - Emsphere
Dashboard of Workforce Management Software - Emsphere

High Level Solution Architecture

High level solution architecture for Workforce Management Software - Emsphere

Hardware Device Integrations

Face Biometric System - Emsphere

Software Integrations

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