Envisioned on feedback

Great companies start with a determination to solve……

We are all about Digitalizing processes and helping HR Teams evolve!

Frame 1 DETERMINED to solve
‘em’sphere…. stands for 360 degree solutions of employee management and is by design, a holistic HR Suite envisioned on feedback
Frame 2 Envisioned on FEEDBACK

Our story… is from your story!

A story of what you have, what you miss, And what more you would like,

Frame 3 Our Story is from YOUR story

We reached out, We asked And here is what we heard.

Modern HR problems are nothing less than devils which can cascade and put the business in trouble.

CXO’s want clear dashboards

Frame 4 See the devil EARLY

…to see the devil early

Department Heads want detailed reports with analytics

Frame 5 Devil is in the DETAILS

…as real devil is always in the details

Team Managers want a system that truly automates

Frame 6 Dont let them fight bare knuckles..AUTOMATE

…let them not fight the devil bare knuckles

HR wants a system with seamless connectivity

Frame 7 CONNECTIVITY in teams

… different departments in sync make a cohesive team!

Everyone wants freedom from legacy systems and excel sheets

Frame 8 FREEDOM from Lehacy and Excel

change from legacy, embrace the modern with HR Tech re-imagined!