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Main objective of “ Labor Management System” is maintaining contractor and subcontractor details. Labour Management attendance is extremely tedious errand which connects with labor additionally require monstrous printed material.

The goal of “Labour Management Software” is keeping up contractual worker and subcontractor subtle elements. BioEnable has comprehended the requirements of such organization and has propelled its Labor Management System.

The framework helps in getting contract points of interest and permit subtle elements. This product is created by consolidating extensive examination, sees from the specialists of work expert fields and input of work consultancies. It will deal with your Organization all the more proficiently. A wide range of issues identified with Labor and Contractor Management with their Attendance issue is fathomed astoundingly by the product.

Advantages of Labor Management System
  • Save time.
  • Simplify the procurement contract process
  • Allow for compliance with internal and external regulations
  • Identify and manage risk
  • Enhance the standardization of the contract process
Benefits of using Labour Management Software
  • Fully automated CLMS process from Attendance to Billing
  • Complete shift , overtime , comp- off management as per configurable company business rules & statutory norms
  • Web based software with multiple locations & Contractor masters
  • Access to all legal & Statutory compliences
  • Contractor bill verification
  • Overtime claim verification through online workflow
  • Productivity Benchmark
  • 100% Accurate Information
  • Better manpower Planning & Workforce projection
  • Paperless record keeping & calculations avoiding human errors
How Automated Labour Management Software Maintain Gracious Industrial Relations?

Contract Labor Management System today is utilized over a few parts and businesses. Contracting is an imperative procedure helps in improvising the bottom-line with keeping the liabilities limited.

The difficulties of current organizations have frightened the custom of direct business connection between the representative and the business by blurring the path for elective enlistment procedures.

It becomes extremely difficult to manually keep track of the attendance of these contract labor, several loopholes emerge in the manual system like proxy attendance, manipulated man-hours, inadequate manpower, un-skilled labor supply.etc.

A Labour Management Software (CLMS) is composed remembering every one of these escape clauses and making foremost boss’ life simple and focused on free.

The profitability and effectiveness gains from interest in Emsphere labor management system can yield positive ROI. Contract Labour Management Software Solution which is specifically designed for medium & large organizations helping them to manage all their contract worker management processes.

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