Whether your canteen serves a Fixed Menu or Ala-Carte, We have a module for you!

We have two modules, both offer complete control over the meal slot validations for different shifts, menu and vendor billing including coupons printing as per meal consumptions.
Fixed Menu

Fixed Menu

From admin portal to time slot definition, restricting employees, mail notifications, canteen billing and reports everything can be managed on this system



This module offers everything that comes with Fixed Menu module, on top of that, you get employee login on kiosks via RFID, Daily Menu Management and Virtual Cash Deductions

We’re talking system for food!!

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Convenience with integration

Offer convenience to your employees, manage food coupons and vendor billing at one place.

Integrate with other systems to add employee enrolled for OT. Make placing a meal during OT easy.

Manage food coupons, employee and employer contribution and vendor billing.

A quick glance at all the features!

Admin & Employee Portal

Time Slot Definition

Canteen Billing and Virtual Deductions


Mail Notifications

Daily Menu and Item Selection

Kiosk Login (RFID/Biometric/Facial Recognition)


We can guarantee a hassle free experience.

Afterall …it is not just about the taste. When, Where and How …plays an important role in a complete meal experience!

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