emContract is an advanced, fully automated Contract Labor Management Software overseeing end to-end CLM process.
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Challenges in Contract Labor Management

No system in place to manage T & A

Record keeping is manual, resulting in lack of real-time information

No Transparency between company & contractor records and billing

Authentic data is not assured from manual records

Legal & Statutory needs are not coverd in the existing system / process

Documents are maintained in hardcopy format

Blacklisted employees are coming through different contractors

Attrition management & contractor billing calculation

Why emContract?

emContract is a cloud based, fully automated Contract Labor Management Software Solution which is specifically designed for medium & large organizations helping them manage all their contract worker management processes. CLMS covers work force planning, enrollment, e-pass, attendance, access control & contract billing summary.


Fully automated CLMS process from Attendance to Billing using Contract Labor Management Software

Access to all legal & Statutory compliences

Contractor bill verification

Overtime claim verification through online workflow

Productivity Benchmark

100% Accurate Information

Better manpower Planning & Workforce projection

Paperless record keeping & calculations avoiding human errors


Web based software with multiple locations & Contractor masters

In/ out attendance through various means like Biometric, Barcode, Face ID and RFID

Complete shift , overtime , comp- off management as per configurable company business rules & statutory norms

Shift logic – Auto shift, day-cross / night shift / core shift; shift allocation by excel upload is possible

Employee blacklisting with remark

Contractor records ESIC , license no, expiry document with alert notifications

PF, ESIC management, configurable salary & deduction heads

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