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From Labour Analytics to Compliance

We got you covered from workflows to compliance
with our well thought 12 modules.


A feature packed CLMS that automates most crucial parts of contract labour management to minimize errors, bring high accuracy in manpower management, wages calculation.


A highly effective system that collects all documentations, checks all the boxes in the process and keeps your business within the compliances.

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The Most Comprehensive Contract Labour Management System

Contractor and Contract Employee Master

Module to capture details of two most important entities in a large labour workforce environment.

Shift and Overtime Management

Every penny saved is a penny earned, especially when it is on a big scale. Manage Shift and OT accurately here.

Real Time Dashboards, Attendance and Compliance

A dedicated module to capture attendance both within premises and work areas and keep compliance in check.

Wages and Contractor Billing

Remove billing errors by eliminating manual calculations.

Workflows Performance Rating

Stay on top of both internal and external teams, track monitor and measure all.

Man-power Planning and Analytics

Get projections, Coordinate and be ready to meet man power requirements with analytics.

Contractor Module

Let contractor handle workers documentation, generate bills on their own.

Reports in Statutory Formats

Get reports in the format you need and as per government norms.

Mail Notifications

Never miss an important update with e-mail notifications. Set rules to stay on top of tasks and processes.


Integrate with leading ERPs, third-party attendance tracking devices, biometrics, face IDS etc.

Easy PF and ESIC comparison with AI

Save hours spent comparing PF and ESIC for ECR filing, our AI does that for you with elan!

Labour Law Compliance

We are high on automation, simplicity and helping you say within government compliance.

How emContract helps to manage compliance?

20 plus state and central laws covered.

Compliance Reports

Compliance Reports

Manage all that you have to maintain as a Principal employer namely Registers for Contractor, Overtime, Wage Slips, Muster Role and Employer ID.



Give Login to contractor and enable to upload the challan for ECR and verify details submitted by contractor automatically.

License Expiry

License Expiry

Get timely alerts for expiry of license, WC between contractor and employee. Get notified if any employee tries to work without any week off.



Manage health and safety compliance by capturing Background check, Policy Verification, Medical verification, Induction , Training details, PPE details etc

Looking for a Turn Key Solution Provider?

Our hardware partnerships make us an end-to-end solution provider for your factories, warehouses and shop floors.

Take a glance on our dashboards

Reports and dashboards loved by management.


Answers to common questions on
Contract Labour Management System

Yes. emSphere Contract Labour Management System (CLMS) is a complete system that manages contract employee wages calculation, contractor services charges configurations & statutory deductions to provide a complete billing summary for contractors. Costs to the company CTC department wise including wages, contractor charges & statutory deductions are available in CLMS reports.

Yes. emSphere Contract Labour Management System (CLMS) has a unique configuration to derive shift-wise, department-wise & contractor-wise real-time update information on dashboards & reports.

emSphere Contract Labour Management System (CLMS) can generate all Central & State wise legal statutory report formats like Form B, Form D, Annual return of principal employer, Interstate migrant labours, etc. as well as manage blocking access with mail notifications for compliance violations like contract license expiry, work order expiry, continuous working, Overtime limit, etc.

Yes, we offer end-to-end integrations between SAP, ERP & client’s existing biometric devices for complete seamless integrations with data fetch and update functionality.

We always put customers first. The product continues to evolve over the last 5 years and offers complete contractor lifecycle management from Onboarding to Billing with MIS dashboards and compliance reports

emSphere HRMS is ready to use the Contract Labour Management System (CLMS) platform which can be configured easily based on organization requirements. The actual time for implementation varies as per module & customization requirements, but typically it is between 6-8 weeks depending on the size & scale of implementation.

Deploy as you wish

We offer implementation on premises or on cloud.

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