What our customers love about eHRMS

Highly Configurable & Flexible

Easy to Implement & modify. Available in on premises and cloud versions.

Unified System Experience

A centralized system to manage end to end employee lifecycle bringing a unified experience across all modules.

Audit & Compliances

Keep track of Audit Trails. Stay on top of business critical transactions and workflow changes.

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Hire and work with the best

A reliable module for everything from manpower requisition to resume parsing, scheduling interviews, rate candidates, rolling out offers, candidate documentation, background verification and vendor management.

Candidate Selection

Simplifies recruitment, and documentation with a great interview experience.

Vendor Selection

Simplifies hiring the best agencies and starts a smooth vendor relation.

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Ensure a warm welcome

Make new joiner at home from the word go! Give easy access to offer letter, file documents, create digital signatures, enter details in HR portal, get mail alerts for orientation, asset issuance, team welcome and training.

Interactive Onboarding

A great interactive and warm welcome experience.

Easy Access

Easy access to all information and next steps for the new member.

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employee Information Management

on finger tips

A few clicks and you know everything from employee joining date, general information, to employee history within the organization.

Upskill your employee

Keep tab on employee skills and look out for opportunities to help employee upgrade skills.

Retain the best

Promotion and rating history to know your best pool of employees.

emWorkforce Attendance and Leave Management

A rule-driven system that connects all modern technologies to stay on top of Time and Attendance management.


  • Approvals and workflows
  • Mail alerts
  • Reminders on leave requests
  • Week Off Management
  • Location based Holidays

Attendance Management

• Integration with 3rd Party Devices and Biometrics • Geo Fencing • Attendance Capture via Mobile App and GPS.

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Overtime Management

• OT calculation based on In-Out time or on hourly calculation • OT Policy on holidays and week offs • OT Limit warning triggers and approvals.

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Shift Management

• Create different type of shifts, Default, Flexi, Cross/Night Shift, Break Shift
• Allocate shift both manually and automatically on rotation basis.

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Leave Management

• Configure Leave policies, L/SL/Maternity / paternity leaves and Comp offs etc. • Configure leave rules. • Track leave and comp off transaction details for each employee.

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Easy to use Payroll Software for enterprise HR teams

A highly accountable HR team needs a Hassle Free, accurate Payroll system to ensure accurate salary calculation adhering to all statutory compliance.


From PF, ESIc to PT and TDS all covered in one module. Be on the right side of compliance with emPayroll.

Pay on time

Salary Calculation, computation, monthly reconciliation, arrears, claims , reimbursements, and loans all at one place with auto payslip generation. Save time and be accurate with emPayroll.

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emMobile ESS App

Help employees self-serve anywhere anytime

A quick access mobile app for today’s millennials to access and update information on the go.


Works seamlessly on both Android and iOS, is GPS enabled for location based attendance tracking.

Power on finger tips

From attendance, leaves, salary details, tax, investment declaration, reimbursement to leave applications and status, updating employee information or documents, all can be managed on emMobile.

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Manage, Monitor, Measure performance with Analytics

Get deep insights into individual, team and organizational performance on a periodic basis to help identify goals vs actual achievement, gap analysis, behaviour analysis and training needs.

Appraisal for the deserving

Fully automated self-serve appraiser module with details of both employee and the Reviewer with reports and email alerts.

Monitor everyone

Monitor employee, supervisor, manager and department head at one place. Identify gaps, training needs to achieve revenue goals.

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Build personalized learning experience based on employee interaction

Avoid scenarios like Moonlighting by helping your resource add to their skills with you. Interact, nominate, coordinate, automate training, integrate with LMS, monitor and elevate your employee …all at one place!
85 M

According to a Korn Ferry study called Global Talent Crunch, the current talent shortage could create 85 Million unfilled jobs and close to $8.5 trillion in unrealized revenues if unaddressed by 2030.

87 M

of McKinsey Global Survey respondents agree that they are already experiencing gaps now or are expecting them within a few years.

62 %

of HR directors believe that workers will need to re-skill or upskill at least once a year to remain competitive and address the skills gap. 

95 %

of employees would stay at a company if it invested in their career development, as per the 2018 LinkedIn Learning Report.

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Make parting ways a good experience

An exit is an equally important part of the employee lifecycle, so why drop the ball at the end? Keep the brand experience intact.

Settlement and Documentation

Correction of payroll, employee data, Timely calculation of liabilities and dues if any, documentation like Exit Interview Form, Form 16 and Relieving letter, all can be processed on emExit with ease.

Automate with a human touch!

emExit allows employee to place resignation request, track approval, get clearance and no dues check from all departments and SBUs, access separation and notice period policy, track progress with no need of manual follow up.

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Travel & Spend Managed Better!

Today’s enterprise is data driven. Our aim is to help you with analytics for an aligned HR.

Efficient and Productive Helpdesk

Faster turnaround times on claim settlement increases employee satisfaction, brings transparency and with reduction in time spend on follow- ups increases over all productivity.

Single Platform

Whether it is raising a claim, categorizing it as per spend or priority, automated responses to these claims, or escalation to unresolved ones, all this can be achieved in single platform.

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Efficient HR Desk!

Say NO to a buzzing HR desk, by automating HR queries.

Efficient and Productive Helpdesk

Faster turn-around times on queries increases employee satisfaction, frees HR time for routine tasks, brings transparency and with reduction in foot fall at HR desk increases productivity.

Single Platform

Whether it is raising a query, classifying it as per category, sub category or priority, automated responses to these queries, or escalation to unresolved ones, all this can be achieved in single platform.

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emWorkforce Analytics

For the enterprise that learns!

Today’s enterprise is data-driven. Our aim, is to help you with analytics for an aligned HR.

Leadership Dashboards

All these analytics and reports help in preparation of leadership dashboards, which is required for stakeholders to make insight-driven decisions.

Trends and Insights

Get holistic analytics for various HRMS functions like recruitment and exit, attendance & leave, salary, overtime & cost, employee performance, gender & attrition, demographic, employee life cycle as detailed reports with alerts.

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Answers to your immediate HRMS questions

How long does it take for emSphere HRMS to be implemented?

emSphere HRMS is a ready-to-use HRMS platform that can be configured easily based on organization requirements. The actual time for implementation varies as per module & customization requirements, but typically it is between 6-10 weeks depending on the size & scale of implementation.

Can the emSphere HRMS be customized?

emSphere HRMS is a fully in-house developed product, and we undertake customizations as required by organizations during emSphere HRMS implementations

Does emSphere HRMS offer a payroll module?

Yes, the Payroll module is an add-on module part of emSphere HRMS software for companies who want to manage all aspects of HR applications in-house including payroll.

Is a Mobile app available for emSphere HRMS?

All-important ESS portal options for managing Attendance, Leave & Payroll are available on IOS & Android platforms.

How long does it take for emSphere HRMS to be implemented?

emSphere HRMS is ready to use HRMS platform which can be configured easily based on organization requirements. The actual time for implementation varies as per module & customization requirements but typically it is between 6-10 weeks depending on the size & scale of implementation.

emSphere HRMS is available as On-Premise License Or as a SaaS Cloud Subscription?

emSphere HRMS is offered in both options On-Premise license model hosted on customer premises as well as the cloud subscription model hosted on emSphere Microsoft Azure Cloud platform depending on the mode of implementation preferred by the organizations.

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