Top 5 Expectations from HR and Automation Analytics
Top 5 Expectations from HR and Automation Analytics

Top 5 Expectations from HR and Automation Analytics

Will automation cause the workforce of the tomorrow to be dominated by malevolent, beady-eyed robots gleefully displacing humans from their office cubicles to lay claim to their jobs? Probably not. But what if scary robots take over to alert HR professionals tracking and responding to the rise of automation in the workplace—and the threat that automation could pose to the careers of many—the image will have fitted its purpose. Automation is everyplace, and its impact on the HR department is expanding, but many say HR professionals are only dimly aware of the trend.

The source of big data, AI, and analytics is gradually changing how every HR function will perform. There is no doubt that automation will drastically alter human lives in the coming years. Human resource management is one of the functions that shall see a drastic change in the way things will be executed.

Top 5 Expectations from HR and Automation Analytics:

1. Improved Hiring Results – AI and data analytics shall play a crucial role in future recruitment and talent acquisition. The whole hiring process shall be data-driven, reducing human bias, thereby recognizing the best candidates and recruiting them. HRs should start using social media platforms to check their blogs and learn more about candidate skillsets.

2. Find the Scarce Talent – There are few jobs where finding the right talent is remarkable and such talent could be scarce. AI and data analytics can help organizations build a channel of such scarce talent, quickly approaching these candidates whenever the need arises.

3. Quick Recruitment Procedure – Through AI and data analytics, one can reach the fair backgrounds, patterns for a particular job, skills, experience. Through practices like chatbots interviewing, one can quickly shortlist suitable candidates.

4. Training – Webinars and recorded modules will help HRs find the gaps in an employee’s knowledge and skill levels for performing some tests and develop training schedules for the employee. HR analytics will pave the way for customized training for employees. Track these activities using the emContract software for your HR seamless solution.

5. Appraisals – HR analytics shall help alliances get structured data regarding an employee’s execution and help bosses during assessments appraisals unbiasedly. HR in the organization shall use data analytics or a different appraisal system to develop individually customized performance charts for every employee.

Better employee insights – emContract software helps record all professional data of an employee in an organization and help organizations develop strategies for employee retention and morale-boosting.

The Future of HR with automation:

In the future, we will use analytics to tie it all together and apply algorithms on data across all HR processes in an integrated way. It enables organizations to customize the employee experience to feel like the organization is providing tailored services to their specific needs.

Impact HR function with emContract:

We already see a shift of perspective in HR towards business impact, and we all agree employee experience is presently the most popular buzz-term in HR. The automation of HR processes gives business partners more time to tackle actual business issues than chasing managers to do their performance reviews on time.

That means that HR can focus on enhancing the integrated employee experience instead of constantly reinventing basic talent approaches in their siloes as AI-driven technology is tasked to run an incorporated HR operation and deliver automated communication along the way.

Beyond the HR operation, AI-driven technology might produce strategic scenarios based on data and accordingly provide suggestions for tactical HR policies. HR leadership will only need to make choices or conclude that the algorithms are not configured correctly.


Human resource management shall analyze workforce information through HR analytics and big data to monitor whether employees are productive and have a favorable environment for growth. HR Software solutions that analyze big data shall help management have all data regarding employees, their salaries, attrition rates, and their Return on Investment and enable decision making.


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