Tips for Effortless Contract Labour Management System

Tips for Effortless Contract Labour Management System

Contract Labour represents the core of many business activities. Their optimum level of productivity drives new growth within the industry and helps achieve profitability goals.

But many businesses are unable to give adequate attention to the importance of effective contract labour management. In the previous years, the contractor would procure contract labour on a real time need basis, with little planning. This unstructured activity would result in improper headcounts, compliance issues, delays in information updates, safety and security issues and other problems that hamper productivity level.

Such major drawbacks are an indicator of the fact that contract labour management must be considered an integral part of business strategy. By undertaking an effective strategic approach with the support of a responsive software, businesses can align their contractors and contract labour and achieve maximum output.

Businesses can streamline their entire workforce with the Contract Labour Management Software if they want to:

  • Achieve maximum productivity in less time
  • Systemize the procurement process
  • Centralize the organization data
  • Adhere to the compliances with internal and external regulations
  • Identify and manage safety and security risks

emSphere provides the best web-based contract labour management software which streamlines and automates the tracking and monitoring of contractors and workers for organizations of any scale and size. It allows selection, management and analysis of the contract labours in an effortless, most integrated manner.

The software offers crucial functions at each step of the process to achieve successful supervision. Let’s look at some of the tips on how you can make the most out of the software effortlessly:

Labour Procurement and Allocation Management:

The agile software brings structure during the procurement process and allows end-to-end allocation and management of the labour across multiple projects.

Contract Labour Admin Panel Access:

This software is a user-friendly tool for contractors to provide status updates and work implementation details. The concerned personnel can view time attendance reports, register or enroll contract labour, recommend overtime and assign shifts in an automated approval process. Personal information like the name, qualifications, work experience, blood group, photographs etc. can be updated and accessed in a secure manner.

Centralized Portal:

The centralized space eases tracing of individual details. It promotes efficient communication of last-minute work order changes to external workforce.

Integrated Attendance Systems:

The software provides visibility for each contractor and labourer. It can seamlessly integrate with attendance systems like Biometric, Barcode, Face ID and RFID.

Labour Skills Performance Indicator:

A detailed report on performance analysis of contractors and contract labour can be obtained based on their soft and hard skills, technical and non-technical skills. It serves as a prominent factor in the monthly review and productivity improvements.

Safety and Security:

The system comes with labour / contractor restrictions by alerting the end-user of the trespassers in certain areas of site visits. The secured system eradicates manual errors by the manpower at the gate of the premise. This minimizes operational costs due to enhanced visibility of control.

Compliance Reports:

Automated formats speed up the generation of legal statutory reports labour and contract activities as per compliance and industry safety and security guidelines.

Timely Mail Alerts:

Mail alerts for approvals, pending tasks, compliance due dates and attendance notifications can be created.

Salary and Wage Management:

The software aids in the accurate and fair payment of contract labourers. PF, ESIC management, configurable daily, weekly and monthly salary and wages along with the deduction heads can be defined on salary calculation. Bill summary of contractors can be generated with ease. The authority can access different payment modes.

emContract Labour Management Software offers several benefits that can help businesses synchronize and streamline their labour workforce. The software is designed for the industry leaders to leverage the robust features and incorporate best practices. Are you in the process of redefining and realigning your contract labour management? Our team of contingent workforce experts would love to help you get started with the structural transformation. Mail your requirement to sa***@em******.com.

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