6 ways emContract Labour Management Software accelerates business efficiency

6 ways emContract Labour Management Software accelerates business efficiency

Contract-based employment is a vital aspect (cog in the success ) of most mid-sized to large-sized enterprises.

That said, handling contract employment can be time-consuming and the nature of adhering to statutory compliances can be tedious. Since the obligation of vetting the credentials is under the purview of the contractor, organizations often question the reliability of contract labour. Efficient Management of labour costs, keeping track of all activity and the quality of service received from them can have a significant impact on the Organizational profitability metrics. To ensure success, It becomes a vital activity to trace and record the movement, productivity and record
keeping related to Contract labour.

If HR teams stay focused on ensuring excellence in Contract labour management, also considering the volatility around their numbers and activity, the other critical work handled by HR Teams are likely to be affected. This will result in a situation of one not being able to handle the Contract labour activity efficiently and also having HR team functions suffer: An Undesirable situation!!

emContract Labour Management Software is a new age, cloud-based solution that keeps an eye on the end-to-end CLM process, from attendance to wage management. This serves as a new lens for the management leaders to leverage the rise of contract labour and drive organizational productivity.

emContract software benefits the Contract labour management ecosystem on several fronts. The salient ones being :

1. Better Workforce Projection and Analytics

emContract Labour Management System gives a complete overview of ongoing and completed projects, exact manpower needed for a particular project, cost incurred, live dashboards, email alerts, logically driven performance and rating, data analytics and graphical reports deployment. It specifically restricts any unauthorized access. The system enables better manpower planning and automates budgeting, requisition, and approval workflow analytics.

2. Systematized Recordings of Attendance and Wages

The software simplifies tedious processes through its powerful, futuristic features with centralized and real-time multiple-shift management, multiple leave types and configures necessary policies of the same.

3. Leverage the Power of AI-infused Platform

The rapid adoption of AI and cloud shift the paradigms of business operations thanks to forward-thinking organizations.

4. Legal Statutory Compliance

This helps organizations maintain multiple detailed statutory reports and adheres to new labour code reforms of state and centre.

5. Access to contract employee and contractor information

Contractors and laborer’s under them can efficiently be managed with the software.
To make the process quicker, the contractor portal has a Contract Compliance Upload option for uploading the supervisor-employee master documents, monthly compliance documents upload, bill report generation, and attendance monitoring for self-employed. Labourers can be onboarded with extremely flexible HR approval workflow using Excel or contractor upload with document capture, ID proof, photo capture and ID card printing.

6. Seamless Integration with any system

The exponential software stays ahead of the curve by enforcing seamless biometric integration for attendance & SAP ERP for work order and wages information to mitigate any fraudulent events.

Contract labour must be managed systematically and meet the expectations of the digitally enabled world. All the operational issues must be addressed as soon as possible to lessen the time and resource wastage. In today’s world, if enterprises turn a blind eye to the agile solutions available in the market, they would be grasping at straws to get the desired output level. emContract Labour Management System provides the best software that monitors labour force and contractual obligations proactively, thereby fulfilling the compliance requirement & adding few digits to the organizational success. If you are new to Labour Management System or have a challenge with your Labour Management system, drop in a line for our team to get in touch for a “Complimentary Assessment Conversation” today !!

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