Workforce Management Solution in India

To the Executive Saying “Yes” to Workforce Management System

By Implementing workforce management system you can expect a true change in Time and Attendance, a transformation of people and processes and profits.


You can expect to:


1. Stop unnecessary overtime in its tracks with the workforce management system
Real-time visibility into employee schedules will help managers make strategic, cost-saving decisions at a moment’s notice. Paperless record keeping & calculations avoiding human error & accurate OT calculations.



2. Make employees happy, engaged.
Enable optional scheduling features, like shift-swapping. Hassle free shift scheduling to help employees achieve a healthy work-life balance. Reduces up to 50% Attendance processing time.



3. Multi-location Support by the workforce management system
Multi location attendance integration is one of the biggest challenges. Different locations have different requirements and local shades. Manage Time and  Attendance all your branches from head office. Access to all data across locations from a single Centralized application.



4. Seamless Integration.
Integration of Time and attendance software with any biometric/Access control/ Face ID.
Integration with SAP/ ERP/Payroll/ Active Directory.
Integration with Access control systems, Active directory, SAP & other 3rd party Apps.



5. Drive compliance.
Demonstrate compliance with every law, regulation, rule, and policy that pertains to your workforce. Adherence to statutory & legal compliances.

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