Attendance, Leave and Shift Management for large enterprises with emContract Labour Management System

Attendance, Leave and Shift Management for large enterprises with emContract Labour Management System

Automated and computerized systems have changed the way large enterprises keep track of the contract labour’s attendance, leaves and shifts. It is vital to establish a streamlined process to keep an accurate track of the contributions done by each contract labour.

A few traditional methods like paper attendance registers, time clocks, and spreadsheets make it difficult to keep everything uniform, centralized and easy to access. In the case of large enterprises, where multiple projects are simultaneously running, there’s a high chance of attendance manipulation and incorrect shift allocation. It is crucial for companies to track the number of hours worked by each labourer, leaves taken, overtime hours, etc., to compensate them appropriately and analyse productivity.

emContract Labour Management System automates, streamlines and analyses time spent by a labourer at the worksite, no. of leaves taken and shift changes to ensure better labour management.

Let’s look at some advantages of emContract Labour Management System:

Biometric Integration to Capture Attendance 

A biometric system can be integrated easily with emContract Labour Management System to attain the most straightforward way of capturing attendance and payroll processing. It allows enterprises to automate and gain complete control over the attendance management system, where labourers can sign in and sign out to document their exact shift time.

Accuracy and Reliability

emContract Labour Management System can generate labour-wise attendance details and overtime reports to calculate the wages paid for the month accurately. With an efficient emContract Labour Management Software in place, enterprises can safely store their data. The data becomes free from any error, inconsistencies or manipulation as there is minimum manual intervention involved.

Live Dashboard

Real-time information of total live headcount per shift can be easily accessed, and also where labourers can apply for leaves with pre/post approvals from their respective contractors.

Statutory Compliance 

Keeping a systematic attendance record is statutory compliant and prevents enterprises from any unwarranted risks. Attendance reports can be generated for any period at any point in time for any audit or inspection by government authorities or internal/external auditors.

Minimizes Labour Expenses  

Automated Contract Labour Management System proves to be a cost-effective option as it spares the enterprises from incurring additional labour expenses, thus keeping the cost under control. The data captured through the system is also accurate as compared to the manual process.

Analytics on Attendance

With emContract Labour Management System in place, enterprises can get real-time reports and insights of contract labourers to make better management decisions. Contractors can quickly get an overview of labour attendance in just a few clicks. Contractors can monitor the punctuality and regularity of the labourers. This data can be incorporated in the evaluation report of each labourer to track productivity and make fact-based decisions. The software also allows creating customized attendance dashboards for the contractors for reference.

A comprehensive software that documents attendance, leave and shift helps enterprises in making strategic decisions and optimizing resources. emSphere’s emContract Labour Management System handles all these aspects with simplicity, accuracy, and efficiency. Are you in the process of redefining and realigning your contract labour management? Our team of contingent workforce experts would love to help you get started with the structural transformation. Mail your requirements to sa***@em******.com.


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