Catching the pulse with automated Contract Labour Management

Why is it important to implement Contract Labor Management System?

Firstly, because you are officially obliged to do so. Indeed, according to the law, it is mandatory upon you to organize all means necessary to safeguard to the best of your ability the health and safety of workers on your work sites by choosing the right Contract Labor Management System


Secondly, you must do so for reasons of moral integrity, because it would be immoral for contractor employees to be exposed to greater levels of risk than your own employees.


Any business enterprise, whether large or small, depends a lot on contract-based workers, either short term or long term. Contracting of professionals ensures that expenses are reduced with regards to employee liabilities, thus helping to improve the business bottom line and increase revenue .


But there are challenges of keeping an error-free record of the entire cycle of contract labor management system, ranging from workforce planning, enrollment, e-pass, attendance, access control & contract billing summary. Since these can change frequently, it could be challenging for the human resources department to keep track of all the changing parameters.


EmContract is a cloud-based, fully automated Contract Labor Management Software Solution which is specifically designed for medium & large organizations helping them manage all their contract worker management processes.



  • Web-based software with multiple locations & Contractor masters
  • In/ out attendance through various means like Biometric, Barcode, Face ID and RFID
  • Complete shift, overtime, comp- off management as per configurable company business rules & statutory norms
  • Shift logic – Auto shift, day-cross / night shift/core shift; shift allocation by excel upload is possible
  • Employee blacklisting with the remark
  • Contractor records ESIC, license no, expiry document with alert notifications
  • PF, ESIC management, configurable salary & deduction heads



  • Fully automated CLMS process from Attendance to Billing
  • Access to all legal & Statutory Compliances
  • Contractor bill verification
  • Overtime claim verification through online workflow
  • Productivity Benchmark
  • 100% Accurate Information
  • Better manpower Planning & Workforce projection
  • Paperless record keeping & calculations avoiding human errors


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