“emContract” Is Fully Automated CLMS. Contract labor today is employed across several sectors and industries. Contracting is an important process helps in improvising the bottom-line with keeping the liabilities limited. And it will be advantageous if one has Automated CLMS.


The challenges of modern businesses without Automated CLMS have alarmed the tradition of the direct employment relationship between the employee and the employer by fading the way for alternative enrollment strategies.


While some organizations go for outsourcing their work, others look for contract labor as a solution to enrollment problems. An organization, which utilizes the manpower, is called Principal Employer and the organization, which appoints people in its role and deploys them to the workplace of its clients, is called Contractor. The principal employer pays to the contractor the total amount of salary, allowances, and benefits payable to the contract workers on a monthly basis and the contractor, in turn, disburses the salary to contract workers.


It becomes extremely difficult to manually keep track of the attendance of these contract labor, several loopholes emerge in the manual system like proxy attendance, manipulated man-hours, inadequate manpower, un-skilled labor supply, no transparency between company & contractor records and billing, Legal & Statutory needs are not covered in the existing process, documents are maintained in hard copy format, blacklisted employees are coming through different contractors. So to resolve all these loopholes It is important to have Automated CLMS


A contract labor management system (CLMS) is designed keeping in mind all these loopholes and making the principal employer’s life easy and stress-free. Contract Labor Management System is a wide system which helps organizations in managing the Contract Laborers while maintaining gracious Industrial Relations. It is an integrated system with the necessary hardware, software.


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