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Contract Labour
Management Simplified! emContract

Designed to simplify, automate and keep large
Labour teams highly efficient and
compliant as per statutory guidelines.

Manage it all!

Attendance Capture | Contractor Billing | Compliance | Labour Analytics

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Manage both the contractor and the contract employee with a emContract, a system that seamlessly connects.

Contractor and employee master

Shift and overtime management

Real time dashboards and attendance

Wages and contractor billing

Workflows performance rating

Man power planning and analytics

Contractor Module

Reports in statutory formats

Mail Notifications


Easy PF and ESIC Comparison with AI

Labour law compliance

contract worker management software

Customers who Vouch For Us

Great product & equally good services!

“emSphere emContract Labour management system empowered us to digitize end to end system from 120+ Biometric attendance, Manpower planning to Contractor billing & labour Analytics associated with it for dynamic contract labour workforce at our 28+ locations 20,000+ contract employees”

Shrikrishna Khalse
Lead Employee Relations
Robust Application & User Friendly!

"The best part was that emSphere provided end to end solution from Face biometric devices to the contract labour management software which helped us to have a single point of ownership for the entire process across 18000+ employees at 12 Plant locations"

Yazaki India Ltd
Mahesh Jadhav
Sr HR Manager
Extremely Agile Product & Great Team!

“emSphere team has helped us streamline the entire Attendance & Payroll operations for all our 65K+employees across 500+ clients from diverse industry segments using their powerful adaptive configurations & streamlining the payroll across multiple pay cycles as per customer practices in a single centralized system”

Vishwesh Kulkarni
End to End Labour Compliances

"We are using CLMS system for recording and monitoring of the statutory compliances for all service provider. It serves us the great help, not only for compliance monitoring but also in statutory audit, wherein we get the requisite information quickly on single button click. It reduced our manual work, automated the entire process and improved accuracy"

Pramod Hore
Manager HR-IR & Admin
Easily adaptable for Logistics Segment

"With our 100+ sites and 20,000+ contract labours, managing peak hiring during E-commerce cycles is hassle-free, ensuring seamless hiring, billing, and compliance for our 50+ contractors."

Mahindra logistics
Athmarama Shetty
Regional HR Head
Delightful System & Services

"We have been using the emSphere Contract Labor Management System (CLMS) for over 5 years across our 7 plant locations, which employ approximately 3000+ contract Labors. Our experience with this system (Application) as well as the support services has been delightful, and I wholeheartedly recommend the emSphere system.”

Edwin Joseph
General Manager IT & SAP

Manage large scale labour teams with ease
On Cloud | On premise
See the G.O.A.T of contact labour management systems in action!

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