About Us

emSphere is a leading provider of Time and Attendance Management Solution which helps companies automate all aspect of their Workforce Management processes. emSphere, has installations at Fortune 500 companies as well as at midsize companies, helping all with a tangible boost to organizations productivity

Time and Attendance Management Solution
Vision – Looking to a Visionary Future

Simplicity & Innovation To Engage And Drive A Visionary Future.

Time and Attendance Management SolutionTime and Attendance Management Solution
Mission – Driven by a Higher Purpose
Transforming Tomorrow With Advanced Technology Solutions
Belief – Driving Our Values

We believe in Customer First. An attitude that encourages us to walk that extra mile.


  • Excellent client record.
  • End to end workforce management solution.
  • Future ready technology & ease of integration with any software
  • Customized solution to suit niche requirement of client.
  • Great user experience with technology interfaces.
  • Reliable, fast and cost effective service.
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