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Performance Management

In a world where people have become accustomed to giving and receiving instant feedback on a regular basis, annual paper-based reviews seem like a throwback to a different time and become difficult for Performance Management. By integrating technology, employers can make the evaluation process more objective, transparent, and credible while managing performance more constructively year-round.   Technology vs Tradition Few employers question the need for effective performance management...

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Happy Employees = Happy Customers = Stronger Business Results   Constructing an effective performance management system involves the entire organization, not just HR. Managers and employees are key players in the successful performance management system.   Performance management system starts and ends with annual performance reviews that are difficult for managers and nerve wracking for employees. Organizational success is depending on the Performance Management System. And performance management is...

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Keeping Employees Happy and Engaged

This era belongs to the entrepreneurs, as the business industry is no longer under the monopoly of only a few particular corporates. The Internet has opened the doors of numerous possibilities, allowing a budding entrepreneur to reach a large number of people through social media and other forms of digital media.   There are various reasons why so many people are leaving their cushy high-paid jobs for...

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