The new generation of Hanvon, the F910 terminal of access control and Time & Attendance, improve the performances and aesthetics of the terminal Hanvon F710X. Emission and capture of infrared light and its double camera allows to obtain cranial physiognomy of persons as unique biometric pattern. The terminal is able to differentiate between twins, with identical appearance.The infrared technology and 3D is clearly different from the 2D facial biometrics technology. Identifies the use of masks, photos, and other materials to fake the face.


Ultra user friendly Contactless for ultimate hygiene

Color screen for face positioning as well as an audio prompt

Robust performance Accurate:FAR<0.001%FRR<1% Less than 1 second Work well even in darkness

High Security More data measured than fingerprint Incident trackable Various alarms enhance security level

High usability Failure to enroll & acquire rate is less than 0.0001%

Reliable - Over 6 years market testing

Easy installation Embedded system enables plug and play desktop or wall mounting