Lift Integration

Lift Integration

emSphere is a leading provider of Time and Attendance Management and customized interface Solution which helps companies automate all aspects of their Workforce Management processes. We have an experience of 12+ Years for the integration of Honeywell Access Control system.

emSphere has successfully provided an interface to integrate Honeywell Win-Pak and KONE by using which the Card Holder data from Win-Pak system get transferred to KABA system (Kone Lift Management Software) using API’s of both the system. All the access levels define in Win-Pak are made available in KABA system.

emSphere Interface helps to eliminate the redundancy and maintain the data authenticity by syncing the Activation and Deactivation of the card user data.

Similar to Kone Lift, emSphere has successfully completed the lift integration projects with Mitsubishi Lift and Honeywell Win-Pak access control system.

Lift Integration and Access Control Integration - Emsphere

Certificate From Kone for Access Control Integration

Certificate from Kone for Access Control Integration

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