face recognition temperature detection biometric System-M10008A

Facial Recognition Based

Unlike bio-metrics, facial recognition is a contactless way to identify and authenticate employees.

Body Temperature Scanning

Scan body temperature of staff and raise a red alert incase it is beyond permissible limits.

Detailed Attendance Reports

Generate user-friendly attendance reports with detailed records of mask adherence and body temperature.

Facial Mask Compliance

AI controls screen mask adherence of employees, basis which access can be granted or denied…

Access Control Integration

Seamlessly integrate with your present access control solution and set customizable access rules..

Extendable To Visitors

Use the same terminal to screen visitors for facial masks and scan their body temperature.

Key Features

High Throughput to prevent queuing

Integrates with EM locks, Flap Barriers & Turnstiles with ease

Face Recognition from 2 meters (ideal for flap barriers)

Temperature Sensing from 1.5 ft

Application Areas / Use Cases

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