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Industry Challenges

Workers don’t have access to PC / Laptop

Workers are not familiar with operating PC / Laptop

English language is not understood as application don’t have multi lingual local language support

The operation of entering password to login is often confusing

No system in place to manage T & A for blue collar employees / Workers

Record keeping is manual, resulting in lack of real-time information

Authentic data is not assured from manual records

Payroll Management for workers become tedious job

Why eMsphere?

emTouch is an initiative from emSphere which is a kiosk with a touchscreen specifically designed for medium & large organizations helping them handle all their blue collar employees/workers Time and Attendance management. It is the easiest solution for all the workers for their own Attendance, Leave, Out duty Management.

Industry Challenges

Hassle Free self attendance management of workers

Workers can apply leaves and can see leave reports very easily

Paperless record keeping & calculations avoiding human error

Adherence to statuatory & legal compliances

Real time reports

Reduces upto 50% Attendance proccessing time for blue collar employees

Easy to understand the options on kiosk due to Multi Lingual view option

Industry Challenges

Employee self service portal

Email alert & notification

Graphical Dashboard & Reports

Integration with any biometric/Access control/ Face ID

Integration with SAP/ ERP/Payroll/ Active Directory

QR code enabled entry access for pre-registered visitors

Integration with Access control systems, Active directory, SAP & other 3rd party Apps

Customized business rules & workforce

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