Time Management Software in India

How Time and Attendance Software Can Transform Your Business Environment  ??

Managers today accept dealing workforce time and Attendance in an efficient way can significantly improve business efficiency. To reduce administration costs and to gain insights into employees’ productivity nowadays almost every organization have executed Time and Attendance Software, as it makes ease of tracking time and attendance of employees than any other method.


By usage of technology, employers can increase their employees’ productivity at the same time eases the amount of human labor in business functions. Time & Attendance Software becomes a basic Essential for all small, medium-sized businesses and large corporations. As it’s a web application that automatically keeps tracking of employee work hours and allows the employer to manage and view all time and attendance related reports instantly.

Time and Attendance Management


HR and payroll departments can implement Employee Leave Management Software to systematize their attendance tracking method and save lots of time.

Time and Attendance Software are used to track and record when employee start their work and stop the work.A time and attendance softwrae allow employers to monitor their employees total work hours and time they entered into the workplace.It assist to monitor late arrivals,before time departures and give accurate data about total work hours on the floor.

emForce – Workforce Management Software is a leading cloud-based Workforce Management product from emSphere Technologies for capturing employee data and is being used by Fortune 500 companies who trust the accuracy of the solution. The product is implemented with 500+ companies across 3 Lac+ employees in India & Middle East. Emsphere product emForce helps to manage all aspects of an employee data, right from leave and attendance, rule creation for approval, tracking, and legal compliance. The product is highly customizable to adapt to niche business requirements.

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