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As they say, “Employees are integral to an organization’s success.”


Every company needs to take care of  workforce management System. While taking care, it should not consume more time.


Even today, a few companies are keeping records in spreadsheets, manually,


Some of the disadvantages of manual workforce management System.

  • Accuracy: It is difficult to maintain data accurately with the help of a spreadsheet. There are chances of wrong calculations.
  • Calculation of paychecks: It is even more difficult to calculate account taxes and voluntary deductions. It requires a lot of formulas to be applied.
  • Integration of payroll software with other HR systems.
  • Spreadsheets are time-consuming as it needs to load and format a lot of data.
  • Regulatory Compliance: The manual time and attendance system will not guarantee you’ll be compliant with all employment laws. The data that’s collected through the system can ensure you have all the information you’ll need to comply with all labor regulations.
  • Reports: The manual timekeeping system does not facilitate you to pull up reports quickly and accurately with less time.
  • Auditing: The manual system may not provide you with all of the information you’ll need if you’re ever subject to an audit from the Department of Labor.
  • Real-time metrics collected manually or through 3rd party applications are very hard to compare to forecasted values.

To get rid of these problems, a company needs to implement an automated workforce management system.


“EmForce” is a solution provided by EmSphere Technologies for workforce management.


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