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Safety of employees working in a company and the visitors is an organization’s responsibility. In any company or a factory, there are chances of accidents that can be avoided by implementing  Head Count System.It can be a fire attack or severe weather condition. To avoid all these situations Head Count System will help you out

Are you ready to face these situations? Do you have advanced systems like Head Count System to cope up with these mishaps?

Companies are facing following challenges due to lack Head Count System;

  • Accurately know the total head Count & details of people present in the premises
  • Difficulty in roll call tracking of people gathered at multiple assembly points
  • Tracking employee/visitor details and last known location details
  • Monitoring the accurate & real time data of count of Employees, Contact employees, Drivers, Vendors, and Visitors on a single system
  • Getting real time track of ER team members currently available/unavailable in a premise

“emCount” is a solution to overcome the challenges mentioned above.

Some of the features of  “emCount”

  • 100% Accurate Total Head Count  of people present in the premise with a configurable dashboard
  • Real Time Head Count system has Live dashboard available on any device Laptop / PC / Mobile
  • Auto email of Headcount on email after emergency
  • Alerts for persons entering specific Red flagged/sensitive zones
  • Emergency button to declare emergency & reset headcount on assembly readers
  • Live ER team members list with email alert if any ER team member is missing at any point of time



For More Details:

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  • Email: sa****@em******.com
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