What Do the Millennials Want in Their Workforce Management System?

The millennial generation, also known as “Generation Y” or “The Boomerang Generation”, includes those who are born between the years 1980 to 2000 and those who have turned adults around the turn of the 21st century. Authors William Strauss and Neil Howe are the ones credited for this terminology in 1987. This generation is unique for a number of reasons. Two of the prominent characteristics that sets them apart are-


  • This generation has largely grown up in an Internet-savvy, electronically upbeat society. Hence, they are more connected and aware of the social networking sites – and their advantages – comfortable with texting, using video conferencing and emails for work reasons.
  • These individuals believe in doing multiple things simultaneously, be it completing office tasks or finishing personal requirements. They learn from others and pick up ideas on how to spend time with family and friends and yet be on top at work.


When we look at the Human Resource departments in most of the companies these days, we realise that more and more personnel working here fall under the category of millennial. At the same time, they are also tasked with the responsibility of hiring and managing employees who again mostly are millennial. According to PwC, by the year 2020, 50% of the global workforce will comprise of this generation. To convincingly handle the growing business needs, the millennial HR professionals now prefer to leverage the power of Workforce Management Systems. But this generation is different than the previous generations – it has different traits, competencies, and expectations from the software that they use.


Millennials Want to Stay Connected


The Millennials can literally exploit the benefits of social media. They are comfortable using a variety of social networking platforms for keeping in constant touch with a variety of audience. In that sense, for the Millennial HR people, a cloud-based Workforce Management System becomes a necessity. Since they prefer options such as working from home or staying in touch even after office hours, a cloud-based system can allow them to schedule their tasks at their own convenience, or maybe respond to urgent queries while on a vacation, if need be. It also makes it seem like a less-structured way of work but keeps them always connected with the tasks.


Millennials Multitask and Want Flexibility


The Millennials are literally always on the move. They prefer communicating electronically rather than having to report face-to-face. Organisations need to give them the opportunity to continue working in a dynamic and fast-paced work environment which they prefer. They look for a flexible work environment which can help them balance their personal life. They have come to realise that mobile devices help them maintain the work-life balance. Mobile is the technology which is closest to their hearts. They use mobile devices for everything – to do research, to connect with family and friends, to read news, to donate to charity, and much more.  Considering this, mobility is one of the most important aspects which the Workforce Management System needs to have. It has to offer the flexibility to the Millennials to work from anywhere, anytime.


Millennials Want Instant Gratifications


The Millennials need to be reassured that what they are doing is important and that they are on the right track. Having grown up with constant praise, that’s what they demand. To address this need, organisations might need to make certain changes to their workflows and processes and introduce options to offer instant gratifications to these people. The Workforce Management Systems, therefore, need to have the flexibility to allow customisations of the workflows.


Millennials Value Transparency and are Conscious


Millennials appreciate an open and honest relationship with their co-workers and managers. They want to be assured that their opinion is valued and a transparent system exists in the organisation. They believe in keeping their managers updated with the true picture of business. For such generation, it is important that they have the flexibility to create powerful and more elaborate reports. The Workforce Management Systems, therefore, need to have powerful reporting feature which can give them that flexibility.


Every generation has its own challenges and Millennials are no different. As more and more Millennials are joining the workforce, the more the organisations know about them, the better it is for them. As technology becomes the backbone for the work efficiency of this generation, organisations need to pay a special attention while selecting the next generation Workforce Management Software, which is specially crafted for Millennials.

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