How GPS Systems Are Making Biometric Attendance Redundant

How to manage Flexi Time through Mobile based Time & Attendance Software..?

There is a mobile application for everything these days, these programs enable people to access the most important elements of their life, without having to sign in via a desktop computer. In a workforce that is becoming progressively flexible, more and more employees have the option to work from home using Mobile Attendance.


Time stealing has become an increasing alarm for companies and their HR teams. This practice results in employees being paid for time they didn’t work if Mobile Attendance not implemented. The more employees who complete action, the more money organizations stand to lose. Introducing mobile time and attendance software can help businesses save valuable funds in regards to this problem.



In companies where employees adore benefits such as flexible working, they must have access to a mobile online workforce management system.


Other Solutions :


CLMS – Contract Labor Management Software – emContract is a cloud based, fully automated which is specifically designed for medium & large organizations. CLMS covers work force planning, enrollment, e-pass, attendance, access control & contract billing summary.


VMS – Visitor Management Software – emVisit is a reliable and cost effective Visitor Management Software Solution that enables an organization to manage and track visitors throughout its facilities.


CMS – Canteen Management Solution – CMS helps to work seamlessly the dining facility without any hassle. It reduces the worry of unauthorized usage of canteen facility. A user friendly system that facilitates quick and efficient operation .


HeadCount Solutions – emCount is a Headcount Management Software has the unique capability to display the total count of people inside the company premises in real time. It gives a ‘one Glance’ live count view on a dashboard and confirms their last access point.


We provide Web-based, Cloud Based and on-premise solutions for our softwares.


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