How GPS Systems Are Making Biometric Attendance Redundant

How GPS Systems Are Making Biometric Attendance Redundant

Today, it’s all about automation. We are improving artificial intelligence, building cashier-less convenience stores for easy shopping, and even making our homes smarter with automated lighting controls, etc. Surprisingly, not much has changed in the attendance management systems used by the HR today.


Attendance Systems Today

We stopped using paper for attendance a long time ago. Today, most companies use biometric attendance systems, in which the employees mark their attendance by registering their fingerprints in a biometric access machine. It’s a big improvement over the traditional systems, granted.


However, it has its challenges nonetheless, which include:


No Means of Tracking Employees


This problem is mainly found in businesses that need their employees (mainly the salesmen) to travel frequently. The conventional methods for attendance management become inefficient in such is no accurate way of telling how an employee is spending their time when away from the office.


Outdated Technology


One might argue that biometric attendance systems are as advanced as one would want in today’s business environment. However, that’s not true. Companies are realizing the importance of BYOD (Bring your Own Devices), as mobile phones are becoming an important part of official communication, work collaboration, and even attendance management. Since almost every employee uses a smartphone, their attendance can be recorded and managed on an automated basis through their smartphone’s GPS functionality. This eliminates the need for any additional hardware let it be biometric scanners or any other kind of touch-based scanners.


Multiple Locations


Many businesses these days have multiple offices, often in the same city itself. However, attendance management can become complicated when employees travel from one office to another. Although the database may be centralized for different locations, there is no easy way of recording and combining the time spent in each of them at every instance


Enter the GPS-Enabled Attendance Systems


A GPS-enabled attendance system can provide everything that the standard biometric/scanner systems lack. It’s more efficient, simpler, and in line with the emerging technologies that focus on automation.


The following are some of the major benefits of switching to a GPS-enabled attendance system:


Increased Accuracy


Consider an organization in which the employees are paid by the hour, just like a work-from-home arrangement. How can you track their actual work-time? Since employees often go out to take breaks, there is no way of telling how much time they have spent outside of their workplace. The same problem exists when you need an accurate account of the night-shift employees or those who are working overtime


A GPS-enabled attendance system can provide a high level of accuracy. In this system, tracker switches on as soon as the employees enters the office (as determined by the GPS coordinates set in the system) and turns off when they leave the premises. This means, you can track their attendance down to every single minute.


Location Tracking


If the employees have to visit other offices of the company from time to time, or other sites for meetings, conferences, providing service to clients, etc. then a GPS-enabled attendance system will follow their activities and allow you to track them easily.




The simplicity of GPS-enabled attendance systems can’t be overlooked. They require almost no additional hardware, are easy to install, and even offer an intuitive yet comprehensive management system that’s completely centralized. Moreover, you can check the attendance records from anywhere using your computer or phone.


A business can’t perform to its full potential without discipline and order. This is why every business must set an accurate and efficient attendance system. Today, the best option available is a GPS-enabled attendance system. It’s inexpensive, easy to integrate into the access control systems, and easy to manage too. There is really no reason why a business shouldn’t deploy it as soon as possible.


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