Contract Labour Management Software

Firstly, because you are officially obliged to do so. Indeed, according to the law, it is mandatory upon you to organize all means necessary to safeguard to the best of your ability the health and safety of Labor on your work sites.


Secondly, you must do so for reasons of moral integrity, because it would be immoral for contractor employees to be exposed to greater levels of risk than your own employees.

Contract and Labor Management

World-over, top performing companies are implementing a workforce model with a small core group of eternal employees and a contingent of temporary contract  force. This employment model ensures a significant saving in salaries, insurance, healthcare, leaves and other allowances.


Ideal Solution to manage Labor outsourcing :


CLMS – Contract Labor Management Software – emContract is a cloud based, fully automated which is specifically designed for medium & large organizations. CLMS covers workforce planning, enrollment, e-pass, attendance, access control & contract billing summary.


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