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Employment of contract labor has attracted debates, it has become a significant and growing form of employment, engaged in different occupations including skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled jobs across sectors. While engaging contract labors, companies need to exercise caution and need to understand the laws that govern their relationship with the contract labor.


Automation Process helps to engage seamlessly by:


1. Real Time Information
The simple interface is important for speed during shift changes and taking breaks/meals in compliance with union benefits. In/ out attendance through various means like Biometric, Barcode, Face ID and RFID for contract labor


2. Check the Contractor Dashboard
Graphical Dashboard & Reports can be seen with real-time updates with multiple locations & Contractor masters.


4. Better Shift Management
Auto-shift management with manager control . Automatic email / SMS alert for shift headcount to HOD & Line supervisor at the start of shift for contract labor


5. Defined workflow for Overtime 
Auto email notifications to track the OT limit. Rules & Validations to handle exceptions for OT generation for W-Off, Holidays, National Holidays, Staggered W-Offs. Workflow approval for Overtime with defined workflow levels


6. Stop unnecessary overtime in its tracks.
Real-time visibility into contractor schedules will help the principal employer to make strategic, cost-saving decisions at a moment’s notice. Paperless record keeping & calculations avoiding human error & accurate OT calculations.


7. Drive compliance.
Demonstrate compliance with every law, regulation, rule, and policy that pertains to your workforce. Adherence to statutory & legal compliances.


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