Visitor Management System in India

Create an Efficient, Well-Organized and Secure Lobby with Visitor Management System

Have you ever thought of automating your front desk with a visitor management system?


It can be a valuable way to improve the experience of visitors to your company, reduce the costs needed for a front desk staff person, and increase the security of your offices.


Even if the visitor management system doesn’t replace your front desk person, it can let them concentrate on other tasks while still providing streamlined check-ins for visitors. It’s especially convenient for registering visitors during odd hours or when the front desk staff is on a break, out sick or even on vacation.


A visitor management system is more than just digital signage because it can automatically notify staff members when their visitors arrive. This eliminates the need for a front desk person to hunt down the employee who has invited the guest to your office.

For some visitors, lobby check-in may be the first in-person experience they have with your company. So it’s important for the visitor registration system that you choose to have a clean, user-friendly interface.


emVisit is the answer to all their visitor management woes. emVisit is a reliable and cost effective Visitor Management Software Solution that enables an organization to manage and track visitors throughout its facilities. Our module enables process to welcome & manage incoming / outgoing visitor’s, both planned and unplanned.

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