Industrial Employee Attendance System

Can Cloud-Based Time and Attendance Work for Manufacturing Industry?

No two Manufacturing facilities are alike. But when it comes to time and attendance, managers need to balance convenience, budget, and speed regardless of their production environment. With cloud based time and attendance software, Manufacturers experience a whole new level of employee engagement.


Here’s how:

When you implement cloud-based employee leave management software at your manufacturing plant, employees can do things they never knew could with a paper timesheet –– such as:


  1. Clock in less than 2 seconds at the employee time clock

It’s as simple as: “Enter ID, Clock In/Out.” That’s it. The simple interface is important for speed during shift changes and taking breaks/meals in compliance with union benefits.


  1. Check the Employee Dashboard

With real-time updates, employees can check their schedules and time off accruals. They can make time off requests. Graphical Dashboard & Reports.


  1. Track any changes to timesheets

A transparent chain of events records any changes or modifications to a timesheet. This eliminates surprises in their paycheck from Payroll.


  1. Monitor overtime pay rates

The cloud-based attendance and leave management software tracks time and breaks it down –– to the second –– by pay rate.


Today’s manufacturing operations are cloud-based strategies for it’s 24/7 mobile access and its ability to provide seamless integration to; Access control systems, Active directory, SAP & other 3rd party Apps, Payroll, ERP and CRM applications, thus optimizing workforce allocations across local, regional and global manufacturing centers.


Emsphere product emForce helps to manage all aspects of an employee data, right from leave and attendance, rule creation for approval, tracking, multi-location support, configurable workflows & policies, employee self-service portal, Email alert & notification and legal compliance. The product is highly customizable to adapt to niche business requirements.

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