Visitor Management System in India

Best Practices of Visitor Management System

In most organizations today, Visitor Management System consists of visitors writing their names in a paper book. EmVisit is India’s Leading Cloud Based, Fully Automated & Comprehensive Visitors Management Software Solution from EmSphere Technologies. Our module enables the process to welcome & manage incoming / outgoing visitor’s, both planned and unplanned. This Visitor Management System is a complete Visitor Management service to improve the efficiency, productivity, reliable, cost effective and customer satisfaction of your businesses.



7 Best Practices of Visitor Management System:


  1. A user-friendly system


Select a system with an interface that is easy to understand and use, and customize it so that the most commonly used functions are front and center. It should not take more than 15 to 20 seconds for a visitor to check in. That’s why the user-experience of this system needs to be friendly.


  1. Enhance Company Image


When visitors walk into your office, do they know immediately where they are? Customize your visitor management system with your brand name so that visitors associate their check-in experience with your company.


  1. Put the kiosk in a clearly seen location


Most of the visitor management systems implement using the self-serve kiosk. When a visitor walks through the main door, that kiosk must be placed in a location that is clearly seen to him. If you will put a kiosk in the corner, then visitors will end up banging on the doors. And this is the exact thing for which a visitor management system has been designed to prevent.


  1. Print a photo badge for each visitor


This is essential from the security’s point of view. This practice will ensure that the person who is wearing the photo badge is the same person that checked in and in addition it also gives you a visual record of everyone who visited your office.


  1. Automatic alerts and message forwarding


Set your visitor management system to automatically alert employees on Visitor arrival, check-out & overstay. In addition, set up the message forwarding functionality as the backup so that when an employee gets sick, forgets to cancel his appointments, then some other employee will be notified if any of those appointments shows up.


  1. Require visitors to check out before they leave


Your visitor log should be an accurate record of who is in your office at all times. In the case of an emergency requiring an evacuation, an accurate visitor log helps you ensure that everyone is accounted for. Thus, it is essential that visitors check out before they leave.


  1. Analyze your visitor data


Visitor management system makes it convenient for you to analyze the data and generate the report. This will let you determine those pain areas where there is a need or possibility of improvement.


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