Access Control System

Access Control System Integration

Access Control Systems have evolved from merely a door access control system to secure facility management based access control management systems offering secure, integrated and physical access control to the facility.

User interface of access control software, ability to provide alarm events, triggers and notifications from access control systems to ease the monitoring from access control systems with the ability to derive dashboard information as well as reporting analytics form an important part of any access control system software.

Ability to configure & customize the access control system as per the client requirement also plays an important role in the selection of access control system. Features like anti-pass back with global anti-passback, local anti-passback, hard anti-passback, soft anti-passback are essential to be managed from access control software.

Emsphere workforce management with employee information management ensuring complete employee lifecycle management along with employee attendance leave management, overtime management, employee self-service portal is seamlessly integrated with the following access control systems:

Our Solutions Are Integrated With Below Access Control System.

Siemens Si-pass access control system, Siemens Desigo building management system, Siemens Fusion access control system

Honeywell Win-Pak access control system, Honeywell Pro-Watch access control system, Honeywell Pro3200 access control system

Tyco Kantech access control system, Tyco CEM access control system, Tyco C.Cure9000 access control system

Johnson controls access control system

Bosch Professional edition (PE) access control system, Bosch BIS access control system

G4S Symmetry access control security systems

Lenel Facility Commander access control system, UTC Chubb Alba OnGuard access control system

Identiv ICPAM access control system, Identiv access control system Velocity software

Integration with Access Control system

Honeywell Access Control System

emSphere Technologies is an exclusive software partner for e-onTime software and customized integration requirement with Honeywell India from 2008. We have successfully integrated the Honeywell Win-Pak versions 4.5, 4.6, 4.8.2, Honeywell Pro-watch &Honeywell Pro3200 using API’s.

We have successfully completed the project of Lift Integration with Win-Pak and Kone, Visitor Management system for Idemia and Win-Pak, Interface for Define access group and deactivation from in Pro-watch &Honfin biometric devices automatically after deactivating from HRMS system.

Below are integration diagrams for Win-Pak & Pro-watch access control system.

Tyco – Access Control System

emsphere Technologies is Associate with Tyco systems since 2012. We are an exclusive partner for Tyco system for T &A solution and Customized Integration requirement. We have complete many complex projects where we have done API integration with Kantech and CEM   Access control system to achieve the desired result.

Below are integration diagrams for Kantech& CEM access control system



Siemens Control System

emSphere is associate with Siemens India from 2013, we have successfully integrated our T & A solutions with Siemens Si-pass, Desigo Insight & Fusion access control system. Recently we associate with Siemens Middle East division and provide a solution for T & A management along with Siemens Si-pass Access control system.

emSphere has provided the solution for integration of Fusion & SAP BAPI to fetch the employee master data from SAP into Fusion system. Giving final attendance data from our T&A software application back to SAP system.

Integration Diagram for Si-Pass Access Control system and emSphere

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